What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Industry Focus

Here at RHT Capital, our team is well versed in sponsorship regulations and has specialist knowledge in different industry sectors. This allows us to successfully advise clients on regulatory challenges and help them make the right business decisions. Coupled with the leadership position of the RHT Group of Companies, the team is able to leverage on the global resources and intellectual assets of organisations that are attuned to the nuances of operating successfully in Asia and internationally.

This unique combination allows our professionals to help assist our clients on matters related to a comprehensive range of public listing, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions whilst delivering the continuing sponsorship services.

Media Monitoring and Data Analytics

Our service offerings provide value added benefits to our clients. Media Monitoring provides this value add to our clients by generating daily industry and market reports which focus on industry trends and developments specific to each client’s core line of business. A combination of manual and algorithmic monitoring of local and regional media outlets ensures that our clients are aware of major trends facing their companies and their industry as a whole.

With the help of data analytics, we are able to provide an assessment of our client’s current state of regulatory compliance and financial health which helps our clients in assessing corrective measures. This scorecard provides a detailed report on our gap analysis of our client’s environment.

Regulatory Updates & Training

We leverage on our affiliate RHT Group of Companies for conducting training courses to our clients. Our training sessions cover several key issues such as legal duties, rights and liabilities of Directors and Key Executives of Listed Companies and its subsidiaries under the laws and regulations of Singapore (including the Catalist Rules and Listing Manual of the SGX-ST, the Securities and Futures Act and the Companies Act).

Clients Seminars & Events

We also conduct seminars and talks on the latest developments in the laws and regulations of Singapore relevant to companies listed on the SGX-ST including requirements and guidance from the regulatory bodies, and relevant topical industry developments from time to time. Our seminars and round-table discussions build a platform for imparting knowledge and sharing our experience on regulatory and industry related matters. Our seminars are well attended by professionals from the legal, accounting and financial sectors.

For our calendar on the upcoming client seminars and events, go to http://www.rhtcap.com/events.


As part of our learning and knowledge-sharing culture, we provide our clients easy access to our publications, articles, newsletters and bulletins. We also feature externally published articles by our team members, notably, the Corporate Governance of Listed Companies in Singapore – The Second Edition. Our newsletters and bulletins cover key regulatory developments in Singapore, schedule for the upcoming seminars, events and training sessions.